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How a Security System Can Save Your Life

Do you feel safe in your home when you fall asleep, leave for work, or run errands? A security system can add that safe feeling and comfort, knowing your home is protected when you are not awake or home. Two of the most common that are in the security system world are fire alarms and security cameras.

We will discuss how each saves lives inside homes and businesses. There are several advantages to each, and they are installed by professionals with warranties that have you and your home covered. Without them, the house is left vulnerable to fires and thefts.

Fire Alarms in Homes and Businesses

Statistic-wise, over 2,600 people die, and over 11,000 are injured every year due to structural fires. Many of these locations do not have fire alarm systems installed to protect them. When a fire begins, it can engulf a structure entirely in as little as five minutes.

Every building and person inside should know the exits and how to quickly and safely vacate the building if a fire starts. Fire alarms will warn people as they are handling up on their daily routines of work and living. At night when everyone is asleep, fire alarms will wake up everyone in the building.

Sometimes, not everyone will wake up through a ruckus like a fire alarm. Those awake can try and get everyone out of the complex before smoke inhalation takes effect. In most situations, people will die of smoke inhalation before the fire reaches them.

A fire alarm system will do numerous things. Below are the features some are designed to cover:

  • Sprinkler system;

  • Sounding alarm;

  • Smoke detectors;

  • Directly alerting Emergency 911 and all the first responders.

The security system may not stop the fire, but at least the occupants inside will have a better chance, close to 99 percent, of getting out alive and possibly unharmed.

Security Cameras and Alarms

Many people have issues with unwanted guests who like to steal personal belongings and property. Others may have trespassing issues with neighbors or strangers. Then there is the dreadful nightmare of someone breaking into your home.

Here is where security cameras and alarms can help the business owner or homeowners. The security camera will catch all motion with the range of the lens. There is video surveillance that plays around the clock, waiting to catch someone on video.

When the video is captured of the culprit(s), the homeowner can give the surveillance to the authorities, and they will take it from there. An alarm system will also be of assistance. This will sound off an alarm scaring a burglar away while alerting authorities at the same time.

Facts and Statistics

Between fires, trespassing, and home invasions, the facts and statistics prove having a security system saves multitudes of lives. There are unfortunate times when one percent could not make it to safety, and it is out of everyone's hands. The whole idea is to alarm, alert, and notify.

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