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When is it Time for a Business Security Upgrade?

The right security system will help you protect important business assets. Like any piece of equipment though, you will eventually need to upgrade. How can you know when it is time for a security system upgrade? Here are a few things to look for.

#1. Your Current System Regularly Malfunctions

Despite advanced technology, manufacturers have not yet been able to completely eliminate false alarms. While an occasional false alarm is nothing to be concerned with, equipment that regularly malfunctions is. Routine false alarms or system outages could mean your equipment is nearing the end of its lifespan, in which case you should consider an upgrade.

#2. You’ve Recently Added on to your Business

A business expansion will likely mean new doors and windows to protect. Chances are that your existing system won’t be able to cover all your new entry points. Accordingly, you could be leaving your employees, customers, and business assets completely unprotected.

Not sure if you are in need of a security system upgrade? Contact us for an assessment. Better yet, have us perform an analysis before your expansion to ensure you are ready from day one.

#3. There’s Been a Recent Crime Wave

Have you noticed a recent uptick in criminal activity? If so, don’t wait until bad actors target your establishment. A security system upgrade is one of the best ways to deter criminals and protect your valuable assets.

Thieves may have already been casing your business looking for weaknesses in your current security system. An upgrade may throw them off guard just enough that they decide to move on elsewhere. And if you do become a victim, modern cameras will make it easier to catch the perpetrators afterwards.

#4. You’ve Suffered Internal Losses

Unfortunately, internal losses are something that many businesses must eventually contend with. Should your business be affected, you’ll need to take immediate action in order to minimize your losses. It’s hard to be everywhere at once; however, you can add more cameras or increase the amount of monitoring. Let us help you reduce shrink by performing a security system upgrade.

#5. You Also Need Fire Monitoring

If your current security system does not include fire monitoring, it’s time to contact us. Here at Premier Fire Alarm and Security Cameras, we offer practical solutions to keep your business safe from fire and other dangers. In addition to fire alarm installation, we also provide inspections, monitoring, and emergency response as well. Schedule your consultation today and ensure your business is fully protected.

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